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Import a certificate

Import certificates for your certificate signing requests (CSRs).

To import a certificate, do as follows:

  1. Go to Certificates > Certificates.
  2. Go to the Manage column and click Import Import button. next to the CSR for which you want to import the certificate. The Import certificate dialog box opens.
  3. Select the certificate file to upload or paste the certificate data into the field.
  4. Select the certificate purpose:

    • Certificate only: The certificate is added to the certificates list.
    • Certificate authority only: Select this option if you generated a CA certificate. It's added to the list under Certificates > Certificate authorities.
    • Certificate and certificate authority: Select this option to upload the certificate and its root or subordinate CA.

      When you upload a CA certificate, its common name is used as the CA's Name. You can change the name.

  5. Click Import certificate.

    After the firewall imports the certificates, it deletes the CSR.