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Deploy Sophos Firewall on AWS

You can deploy Sophos Firewall on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


You must first accept the AWS Marketplace software terms and select a license option for Sophos Firewall on the AWS listing page.

Sophos Firewall on AWS licensing options

Sophos Firewall on AWS is available via the AWS Marketplace and can be purchased from a Sophos reseller or directly from the AWS Marketplace. Software licenses purchased from a Sophos reseller and used in AWS are called as Bring Your Own License (BYOL). If Sophos Firewall is purchased directly from the AWS Marketplace, it's called as Pay as you go (PAYG).


You can purchase and use traditional term software licenses using the Sophos partner network. Sophos Firewall software licenses offer a variety of bundles, subscriptions, and support options. For more information, see Sophos Firewall: Licensing guide.

If you bring your own Sophos Firewall license for use in AWS, you don't pay AWS Marketplace software charges, but AWS still bills you for the EC2 instance used to run the Sophos Firewall software. For more information, see Sophos XG Firewall Standalone (BYOL). Sophos Firewall software licenses are available in various CPU and RAM combinations. You can map these to a supported EC2 instance as follows:

Supported EC2 instance types CPU and RAM Network throughput Suggested Sophos Firewall license
t2.medium 2 vCPU 4 GB Memory Low to Moderate SFv2C4
m3.large 2 vCPU 7 GB Memory Moderate SFv2C4
m3.xlarge 4vCPU 15 GB Memory High SFv4C6
m3.2xlarge 8vCPU 30 GB Memory High SFv8C16
m4.large 2vCPU 8 GB Memory Moderate SFv2C4
m4.xlarge 4vCPU 16 GB Memory High SFv4C6
m4.2xlarge 8vCPU 32 GB Memory High SFv8C16
c3.xlarge 4vCPU 7.5 GB Memory Moderate SFv4C6
c3.2xlarge 8vCPU 15 GB Memory High SFv8C16
c3.4xlarge 16vCPU 30 GB Memory High SFv16C24
c3.8xlarge 32vCPU 60 GB Memory Very High (10 Gig Ethernet) SFvUNL
c4.large 2vCPU 3.75 GB Memory Moderate SFv2C4
c4.xlarge 4vCPU 7.5 GB Memory High SFv4C6
c4.2xlarge 8vCPU 15 GB Memory High SFv8C16
c4.4xlarge 16vCPU 30 GB Memory High SFv16C24
c4.8xlarge 36vCPU 60 GB Memory Very High (10 Gig Ethernet) SFvUNL


If you don't want to purchase a traditional term license or want to purchase directly from AWS, you can use the Pay As You Go (PAYG) licensing option. This method provides all Sophos Firewall functionality (FullGuard) for an additional hourly software charge, which is added to the cost of the EC2 instance used to run Sophos Firewall. You'll see this additional charge on your monthly AWS bill. You can stop charges anytime by removing all Sophos Firewall instances from your AWS account. See Pay As You Go.

Sophos also supports private offers, which allows customers and partners to negotiate custom pricing and terms. See AWS Private offers program. Contact your Sophos sales representative for more information.


The PAYG licensing option may not be available in your country. If the PAYG licensing option isn't available in your country, you can use the BYOL option.