Address Group

Email Policies are applied on Email Addresses. To make configuration easier and simpler, Administrator can group the addresses that require the same scanning policy. The policy applied to the address group is applicable to all the group members. Hence when group is used in number of rules, it becomes much easier to add or remove addresses from the group rather than updating individual rules. Hence, just with the one update, Administrator can re-align the rules.

Address Group is grouping of:

  • Email Address or Domain
  • IP Address
  • RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) (applicable only for the Spam mails)

An address can be a member of multiple groups.

RBL is a list of IP Addresses whose owners are responsible for Spam or are hijacked for Spam Relay. These IP Addresses might also be used for spreading virus. The Device checks each RBL for the connecting IP Address and action configured in the policy is taken if IP Address is found in any of the RBL list. Administrator can directly use the two default RBL groups shipped with the Device or update them as per the requirement:
  • Premium RBL Services
  • Standard RBL Services

The Address Group page displays list of all the default and custom groups and provides option to add a new group, update the parameters, import addresses in the existing group, or delete the group. You can sort the list based on address group name.

Use this page to add, edit and delete Address Groups for Legacy and MTA modes. Use the Mode Switch option on the page to switch between Legacy and MTA modes.