DHCP Relay

The DHCP Relay Agent allows to place DHCP clients and DHCP servers on different networks. Deploying DHCP in a single segment network is easy. All DHCP messages are IP broadcast messages, and therefore all the computers on the segment can listen and respond to these broadcasts. But things get complicated when there is more than one subnet on the network. This is because the DHCP broadcast messages do not, by default, cross the router interfaces.

The DHCP Relay Agent makes it possible for DHCP broadcast messages to be sent over routers that do not support forwarding of these types of messages. The DHCP Relay Agent enables DHCP clients to obtain IP Addresses from a DHCP server on a remote subnet, or which is not located on the local subnet. If DHCP Relay Agent is not configured, clients would only be able to obtain IP Addresses from the DHCP server which is on the same subnet.

The DHCP Relay page displays list of all the interfaces configured as a relay agent and you can filter the list based on relay agent name and IP Family. The page also provides option to: