Navigating through the Admin Console

The three parts of the admin Console:

  • Area Selector
  • Navigation Bar
  • Content Pane
  • Button bar

Use the menus, lists, and configuration pages to configure most settings. Configuration made through Admin Console take effect after some time as it takes time to copy the entire configuration on to the device.

Work Area Selector

The Sophos Firewall Manager UI offers you three work areas: Device Configuration, Template Configuration, and System Management. To select any work area, select the icon on the top right corner of the Home.

Once an area is selected, the Navigation bar changes based on the selected work area.

Device Configuration allows you to navigate through pages through which you can manage Device Groups or individual devices. The navigation bar changes dynamically for Device Group and individual device. You can select device group or any device Device Groups or Device on the Dashboard top panel.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar on the leftmost side provides access to various configuration pages. Menu consists of sub-menus and tabs. On clicking menu item in the navigation bar, related management functions are displayed as submenu items. On clicking submenu item, all the associated tabs are displayed. To view page associated with the tab, click the required tab.

The Main menu tree expands and contracts dynamically when clicked on without navigating to a submenu. When you click on a top-level heading, it automatically expands that heading and contracts the heading for the page you are currently on, but it does not navigate away from the current page. To navigate to a new page, first click on the heading, and then click on the submenu you want navigate to. A breadcrumb on the top of the Content Pane displays the entire navigation path.

Content Pane

The center part of the page is Content Pane that changes according to the menu item and tab. Information of the menu is displayed in the content pane, which includes list of managed devices and configuration screens.

Button Bar

The Button bar on the upper rightmost corner of the every page provides access to several commonly used functions like:

  • Device Search – Specify a search string and click to search device(s) in SFM. Device(s) can be searched on following criteria:
Device Name
Serial Number

By default it yields results based on Device Name. Results display following information in tabular form: Device name, Serial number, Company name, Status and Firmware.

Click Device Name to go the dashboard of that device.

  • Alerts – Click to view list of alerts generated by SFM.
  • Discovery – Click to view list of devices sending heartbeat packet to the SFM. Click icon to add newly discovered devices using Add Device Wizard or icon to delete the device.
  • Errors – Displays total number of generated errors.
  • Monitor - Click to view the Device Monitor graphs which displays critical health status of the managed devices.
  • Help – SFM includes a Web-based help online help, which can be viewed from any of the page of admin console. Click Help to open the context-sensitive help for the page.
  • Language - Click to change device language.
  • More - Click to view more options.
    • Wizard – Click to run Network Configuration wizard which will guide you step-by-step through configuration of the network parameters like IP address, subnet mask and default gateway for your device.
    • Console – Click to get immediate access to CLI by initiating a telnet connection with CLI without closing admin console.
    • Support – Click to open the customer login page for creating a Technical Support Ticket. It is fast, easy and puts your case right into the Technical Support queue.
    • About Product – Click icon to open the License page.
    • Reboot Device – Click to reboot the device.
    • Shutdown Device – Click to shut down the device.
    • Logout – Click to log out from the Admin Console.