SSL VPN (Remote Access)

The remote access SSL feature of SFM is realized by OpenVPN, a full-featured SSL VPN solution. You can create point-to-point encrypted tunnels between remote employees and your company, requiring both SSL certificates and a username/password combination for authentication. This enables access to internal resources. In addition, a secure User Portal is offered, which can be accessed by each authorized user to download a customized SSL VPN client software bundle. This bundle includes a free SSL VPN client, SSL certificates and a configuration that can be handled by a simple one-click installation procedure. The SSL VPN client supports most business applications such as native Outlook, native Windows file sharing, and many more.

Device Configuration > Configure > VPN > SSL VPN (Remote Access)

Following is a description of the table elements:


Displays the name of the SSL VPN remote access policy.

Use as Default Gateway

Displays if and which default gateway is used for the policy.


Displays the description which was entered for the policy.


Displays the available managing options for the policy:
  • Edit: Allows you to edit the policy.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the policy.