Importing User Information

The Import Users page allows you to add new users by importing user details from the file.

Instead of creating users again in the device, if you already have users detail in a csv file, you can upload csv file.

Click the Import Button to import csv file. Select the complete path for migrating user’s information file.

csv file format and processing:
  1. Header (first) row should contain field names. Format of header row:
  2. Compulsory field: username
  3. Optional fields: password, name, group, email address.
  4. Fields can be configured in any order.
  5. Subsequent rows should contain values corresponding to the each field in header row.
  6. Number of fields in each row should be same as in the header row.
  7. Error will be displayed if data is not provided for any field specified in the header.
  8. Blank rows will be ignored.
  9. If password field is not included in the header row then it will set same as username.
  10. If group name is not included in the header row, administrator will be able to configure group at the time of migration.