Changing Policies of the Clientless User

This page lets you change the policies configured of the clientless user.

Change the policies applied to the user by updating the user details. If you change the policies for the user, user specific policies will take precedence over user group policies.

  1. Go to System > Authentication > Clientless Users or Objects > Identity > Clientless Users.
  2. Select the user for which you want to change the policies by clicking Manage icon in the Manage column.
  3. Update the user details.
    Name with which user logs in.
    Name of the User.
    IP Address
    IP Address (IPv4/IPv6) from which the user logs in.
    Group in which user is added. User will inherit all the policies assigned to the group.
    Change the group, if required.
    Email Address of the user.
    Provide the clientless user description.
    Internet Usage Time
    Displays total Internet usage time information.
  4. Update the policy details.
    Traffic Shaping
    Traffic Shaping policy applied to the user.
    Change the policy, if required.
    Policy applied here will take the precedence over the group policy.
    Quarantine Digest
    Configure Quarantine Digest.
    Quarantine Digest is an Email and contains a list of quarantined spam messages filtered by the device and held in the user quarantine area. If configured, device will mail the Quarantine Digest every day to the user. Digest provides a link to User My Account from where user can access his quarantined messages and take the required action.
    Available Options:Enable - User will receive the Quarantine Digest daily and overrides Group setting. Disable - User will not receive Quarantine Digesst and overrides Group setting.
  5. Click Save to update the changes made to the user.