Backup & Restore

Backup is the essential part of data protection. Backups are necessary in order to recover data from the loss due to the disk failure, accidental deletion or file corruption. There are many ways of taking backup and just as many types of media to use as well.

The Backup and Restore menu enables you to back up and restore your Firewall Manager. It is a good idea to backup the Firewall Manager configuration on a regular basis to ensure that, should the system fail, you can quickly get the system back to its original state with minimal effect to the network. It is a good idea to back up the configuration after making any changes to the configuration of the Firewall Manager or settings that affect the managed devices.

Once the backup is taken, you need to upload the file for restoring the backup. Restoring data older than the current data will lead to the loss of current data.

Administrator can schedule Firewall Manager backup or manually take the backup from System Management > System Settings > Maintenance > Backup & Restore.

Backup Restore

To take the backup manually and restore, go to System Management > System Settings > Maintenance > Backup & Restore and click Backup Now and then select the backup to be restored and click Upload and Restore. Alternatively use the Browse button to select the complete path.

Figure: Backup Restore
Note Sophos Firewall Manager Password will not be restored during this process.

Schedule Backup

Backup Frequency
Select backup frequency.
In general, it is best to schedule backup on regular basis. Depending on how much information you add or change will help you determine the schedule.
Available Options:Never - Select this option if you do not want to take backup. Daily - Configure time at which the backup should be taken. Weekly - Configure day and time at which the backup should be taken. Monthly - Configure day and time at which the backup should be taken.
Backup Mode
Select how and to whom backup files should be sent.
Available Options:FTP - If backup is to be stored on FTP server, configure FTP server IP/Domain address, username and password to be used. Mail - If backup is to be mailed, specify Email Addresson which backup is to be mailed.
Figure: Schedule Backup

Manage Backup

This section displays the list of last five backups along with the time and size of the backup. It also provides an option to download the backup and restore it.