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Firmware page displays the list of available firmware versions downloaded. Maximum two firmware versions are available simultaneously and one of the two firmware versions is active.

Upload firmware - Administrator can upload a new firmware. Click to specify the location of the firmware image or browse to locate the file. You can simply upload the image or upload and boot from the image. The uploaded firmware can only be active after the next reboot.

In case of Upload & Boot, firmware image is uploaded and upgraded to the new version, closes all sessions, restarts, and displays the sign-in page. This process may take few minutes since the entire configuration is also migrated in this process.

Boot from firmware - Option to boot from the downloaded image and activate the respective firmware.

Boot with factory default configuration - Device is rebooted and loads default configuration.
Note Entire configuration will be lost if this option is selected.

Active - Active icon against a firmware suggests that the device is using that firmware.

Available Latest Firmware
Check For New Firmware
Displays if any new firmware is available.
Firmware Version
List of available firmware versions that can be downloaded.
Different types of firmware.
Available Options:Beta GA
Download Button to download the firmware. Once the firmware is downloaded, click the Install button to install the firmware.
Note You can find more details in the Compatibility Guide.
SFOS Hotfix
Allow auto-install of important Hot-fixes

Hotfixes are applied automatically if available. Disable if you do not want to apply hotfix.

Default - Enable