Troubleshoot Report

To help Support team to debug the system problems, troubleshooting report can be generated which consists of the system’s current status file and log files. File contains details like list of all the processes currently running on system, resource usage etc. in the encrypted form.

Customer has to generate and mail the saved file at for diagnosing and troubleshooting the issue. File will be generated with the name: _TSR_<APPKEY>__<MM_DD_YY >

Where, APPKEY is the device key of the device for which the report is generated and MM_DD_YY is the date (month date year) on which the report is generated.

Go to System Management > System Settings > Diagnostics > Troubleshoot Report to generate Consolidated Troubleshooting Report (TSR).

Enter Consolidating Troubleshooting Report details:
Generate Troubleshoot Report for
Select components for which troubleshoot report has to be generated.
Available Options:System Snapshot Log Files
Specify reason to generate troubleshoot report.
Generate Button
Click to generate troubleshoot report.