Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM) provides comprehensive central management of Sophos XG Firewall to Enterprises and MSSPs. With a range of features, SFM simplifies security management for actions like rapid deployment of organization-wide security policies and updates for better protection of dispersed networks, offering benefits of reduced cost, complexity and time. Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM) is available in hardware, software and virtual form-factors to suit any environment.

The Sophos Firewall Manager UI offers you 3 work areas: Device Configuration, Template Configuration, and System Management.

Device Configuration

The Device Configuration work area allows you to manage policies and configurations of individual or group of Sophos XG Firewall devices. You can select an individual device or device group and use menu items in the left panel to edit Policies, Settings and Objects like in your Firewall UI.

Template Configuration

The Template Configuration work area allows you to create re-usable configuration templates allowing you to set up a new firewall at branch or customer office in minimum time. You have an option to add a template using an existing device configuration, clone an existing template, or setup a fresh template. You can edit the template configuration by using menu items in the left panel to edit Policies, Settings and Objects like in your Firewall UI. Once ready, you can provision the template to one or more firewall devices as per your need.

System Management

The System Management work area lets you manage device settings, monitoring settings and your SFM system settings.
  • Device settings: You can add or remove managed devices or device groups, add or remove templates, upgrade firmware of managed devices, create and manage dynamic objects, and change control and logging.
  • Monitoring settings: You can edit monitoring settings, setup email alerts, view device events and logs, view management system events, and integrate with Sophos iView V2.
  • System settings: You can manage SFM users, and set up role-based access, SFM API, Network Settings, Diagnostics, and more.
Dashboards & Monitoring
Sophos Firewall Manager offers multiple dashboards for a quick snapshot and easy monitoring of your managed firewalls.
  • Device Monitor
    • Flat view and card view allow you to monitor the status (Critical, Warning, Normal) of managed devices across a set of parameters for Security, Resource, License and Availability, based on their threshold values.
    • In flat view, devices that need attention are automatically listed at the top on the basis of their monitor status.
    • You have the flexibility to customize threshold values for Critical, Warning and Normal levels as per your needs.
  • Home and Group-level Dashboard
    • Device Info: Summary of managed devices like the count of managed devices, unsynchronized devices, and disconnected devices.
    • Device monitor summary: A snapshot of firewall count that requires attention in terms of Security, Resource, License, Availability.
    • A list of managed firewalls by their model number, and more.
Group-level dashboard lets you filter the above view for a device group.
  • Device Dashboard - It offers you insights into security, resource, license and availability parameters along with device and connection information to enable you to take necessary action
  • Alert - Configure alert profiles for one or more firewalls or Firewall group to get alert notifications over email. This includes alert notifications for parameters like subscription expiry, Device disconnected from central management, Device Gateway status change, VPN connection status change, along with counts of Intrusion attack, ATP events exceed, Web virus, Objectionable + Unproductive surfing hits, and percentage of endpoints with Red health exceeding a threshold limit.