Device's current date and time can be set according to the device's internal clock or synchronized with an NTP server. Device clock can be tuned to show the right time using global time servers so that logs show the precise time and the device's internal activities can also happen at a precise time.

To configure time settings, go to System Management > System Settings > System > Time.

Current Time
Current system time.
Time Zone
Select time zone according to the geographical region in which the device is deployed.
Set Date & Time
Select to set device's date and time.
Set the date of device's internal clock.
Set the time of device's internal clock.
Sync with NTP server
Select if you want device to synchronize automatically its time with an NTP server.
Use pre-defined
Use the pre-defined NTP servers - asia.pool.ntp.org & in. pool.ntp.org or specify NTP server IP address or domain name to synchronize time with a specific NTP server.
Use Custom
If custom NTP server is defined, time will be synchronized with custom server and not the pre-defined servers.
Firewall Manager uses NTP Version 3 (RFC 1305). One can configure up to 10 NTP servers. At the time of synchronization, it queries each configured NTP server sequentially. When the query to the first server is not successful, device queries second server and so on until it gets a valid reply from one of the NTP servers configured.
Sync Status
Click on 'Sync Now' Button to synchronize device clock with the NTP Server.
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