Add Dynamic Host

The Add Dynamic Host page allows you to manually add IP host.

  1. Go to System Management > Device Settings > Dynamic Objects > Host and select Add.
  2. Enter dynamic host details.
    Name to identify the Host.
    IP Family
    Select IP family of the host.
    Available Options:IPv4 IPv6
    Select the type of host.
    Available Options:Single IP Address Network IP Address with subnet IP Range
    IP list to add assorted IP addresses. Use comma to specify assorted multiple IP addresses. Please note only Class B IP addresses can be added in IP list. IP addresses can be added or removed from IP list.
    • MAC Address
    • MAC list
    Figure: Add Dynamic Host details
  3. Enter Device - Host Mapping details.
    Select the host that is to be mapped with the particular device host.
    Select the device whose host is to be mapped with the above selected host.
    Select the host which is to be mapped.
    Figure: Device-Host Mapping
  4. Select Save.