Synchronized Security

The Synchronized Security menu allows you to configure Security Heartbeat to share health information and the Enhanced Application Control.

This page describes how to sign in with your Sophos Central account and enable Security Heartbeat.

  1. Go to Device Configuration > Protect > Synchronized Security.
  2. Enter Sophos Central sign-in details in the Registration section.
    Email Address
    Enter the email address of your Sophos Central account.
    Enter the password of your Sophos Central account.
    Figure: Registration
  3. Click Register to register your Sophos Central account to the Sophos XG Firewall.
  4. Enable Security HeartBeat and add zones to the Missing Heartbeat Zones field.
    Figure: Security HeartBeat
    Missing heartbeats will be detected only in these zones.
    Note If a zone is blocked by a policy but no zone is added here, the Security Heartbeat widget in the Control Center shows “Missing”.
  5. Enable Enhanced Application Control and click Apply.
    Figure: Enhanced Application Control
The devices for which the Security Heartbeat is enabled are listed in Devices enabled for Security Heartbeat.
To clear your registration from Sophos XG Firewall, click Clear Registration.