Add Local Service ACL Rule

Use Local Service ACL Rule to allow access to the device Admin Services from specified network/host.

You can add Local Service ACL rule from this page.

  1. Go to Device Configuration > System > Administration > Device Access and click Add under Local Service ACL Rule
  2. Enter Rule details.
    Rule Name
    Specify name to identify the rule.
    Provide a description for the rule.
    IP Family
    Select the type of IP Family from the options available:

    Available Options:

    IPv4 IPv6
    Click Add New Item button to select host or network address to which the rule applies. You can also create new Network/Host from this page itself by clicking Create New button.
    Click Add New Item to select Admin Services to which the rule applies.

    Available Options:

    Figure: Local Service ACL Exception Rule
  3. Click Save to add the rule.