Add SSL VPN Site-to-Site Client Connection

This page describes how to add a SSL VPN site-to-site client connection.

  1. Go to Device Configuration > Configure > VPN > SSL VPN (Site to Site) and click Add in the Client section.
  2. Enter values for the following settings:
    Connection Name
    Enter a descriptive name for the connection.
    Configuration File
    Click the Browse... icon, browse for the client configuration file and click Open.
    Note The file has to be in .apc or .epc format.
    Password (optional)
    If the file has been encrypted, enter the password.
    Use HTTP Proxy Server (optional)
    Activate if the client is located behind a proxy and enter the proxy settings:
    • Proxy Server: Select or add a proxy server.
    • Proxy Port: Enter a proxy port.
    • Proxy Requires Authentication (optional): Select the checkbox if the client needs to authenticate against the proxy and enter Username and Password.
    Override Peer Host Name (optional)
    Select the checkbox and add or enter a hostname if the server system's regular hostname cannot be resolved from the client host.
    Description (optional)
    Add a description or other information.
    Figure: Add SSL Connection
  3. Click Save.
The new SSL VPN client connection appears on the Client list.
To either edit or delete a client connection, click the corresponding buttons in the Client list.