Configure HA

Points to be noted


  • HA can be disabled from Primary device only which results into disabling HA on both the devices.
  • After disabling HA, Primary device IP schema will not change.
  • After disabling HA, Auxiliary device will reboot with Factory Default settings ( if connected).
  • All administrators can sign in to auxiliary device but the device will be accessible as read-only.
  • Make sure that the IP Address of HA link port of Primary and Auxiliary devices are in same subnet.
  • Disabling HA is required to restore backup.
Before configuring HA
Before attempting to configure two devices as an HA pair for Hardware Failover, check the following requirements:
  • Both devices in the HA cluster i.e. Primary and Auxiliary device must be registered and have same number of interfaces. Both the member devices should be of the same model.
  • Both devices in the HA cluster must have the same version installed on it.
  • Two separate licenses are required, one for the Primary device and other for the Auxiliary device.
  • Cables to all the monitored ports on both the devices must be connected. Connect dedicated HA link port of both the devices with crossover cable.
  • Dedicated HA link port should have a unique IP Address on both the devices. SSH should be enabled for both the devices on DMZ Zone.