Compatibility Management

Sophos Firewall Manager allows the administrator to add and manage firewall devices.

As soon as a firewall device with new SFOS version is discovered in Sophos Firewall Manager, Firewall Manager automatically acquires the compatibility for the new SFOS version(s) from root server and displays it in the list of compatible SFOS versions.

With the new template compatibility support introduced, user can now create a template in Sophos Firewall Manager by importing configuration from a firewall running on a latest version released after the Sophos Firewall Manager.

Use this page to check the status of SFOS template compatibility in Sophos Firewall Manager.

Go to System & Monitor > Device Settings > Maintenance > Compatibility Management to manage compatible OS versions.

Firmware(# of devices)
Displays list and number of compatible OS versions.
Configuration Support

Displays the compatibility status of OS version.

Available options:

Compatible Incompatible
Template Support

Displays the compatibility status of template.

Available options:

Compatible Incompatible Not Available

Displays the firmware compatibility status.

Available options:

Remove Download
Click Enable to acquire compatibility list for the selected firmware.
Click Disable to remove device compatibility for the selected firmware.
Refresh List
Click to refresh the list of available OS versions.