Use Firmware page to check for the latest available firmware for managed devices. To check for the availability of the latest firmware, go to System Management > Device Settings > Firmware.

SFM automatically downloads and distributes firmware for XG Firewall devices running XG Firewall 17.5 firmware and earlier. It will not automatically download XG Firewall 18 firmware. To use SFM to distribute XG Firewall 18 firmware updates, you must manually upload XG Firewall 18 firmware packages to SFM.

Warning If you choose to upload XG Firewall 18 firmware, all XG Firewall models eligible to receive the uploaded firmware package will be affected. Once the XG Firewall 18 firmware package has been uploaded, it will not be possible to choose between XG Firewall 17.5 and XG Firewall 18 MR versions per firewall.
Manual firewall firmware upload
Here you can configure firmware updates for XG Firewalls that are separated from the internet by an airgap. Both the XG Firewall and SFM must be on the same local network to allow communication. You must download updates from
Appliances that are airgapped will still need to have airgap turned on via the CLI as described in the CLI guide found here Additionally you can configure XG Firewall to check for firmware updates from SFM instead of checking the update service under: Administration > Central Management > Enable update management
For further information on managing airgaped appliances please refer to the following KB articles;

How Air Gap and manual pattern updates work

Automate the pattern update in Airgap environment

Choose File
Click to select the previously downloaded firmware file that is to be applied to airgapped appliances
Click to apply uddate settings for airgapped appliances
Check for Latest Firmware
Click to check availability of latest firmware.
Device Model number.
Applicable devices
Click ‘List device’ to view list of devices which can be upgraded with available firmware.
Applicable Version
Applicable firmware version.
Size of downloadable firmware image in MB.
Displays the type of firmware.
Available Options:Beta GA
Click to apply downloaded firmware on the selected device(s).

Apply Firmware

Click to schedule firmware upgrade. You can upgrade the selected device(s) with downloaded firmware immediately or you can choose to upgrade it later.
Select the device to be upgraded with downloaded firmware.