SFM Dashboard

The SFM Dashboard appears when you sign in to the SFM. It provides a single screen overview of the state and health of the SFM System and the managed devices.

Device Information

All Managed Devices - Total number of devices in the selected device group or subgroup

Synchronized - Total number of synchronized devices in selected devices group or subgroup

Unsynchronized - Number of unsynchronized devices in selected devices group or subgroup

Connected - Total number of devices currently connected to SFM in selected device group or subgroup

Disconnected - Number of devices in selected device group or subgroup, which are currently disconnected.

Device Monitor Summary

Dashboard Monitoring Graph displays critical heath information of the managed Devices in graphical manner. SFM monitors the managed device based on the following heath parameters and statuses:
  • Security: HTTP Attacks, Mail Attacks, Spam Mails, Web Usage Health, IPS Alert.
  • Resource: CPU, Memory, Disk (Report), Disk (Config).
  • Licensing: Base Firewall, Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Web Server Protection, Sandstorm, Enhanced Support, Enhanced Plus Support.
The Monitoring Dashboard continuously monitors the managed devices for the wide range of security attacks, resource utilization and license statuses which helps the administrator to take informed decisions in resolving the risk landscape.

The administrator can set the threshold values for each of the parameters by clicking on Adjust Thresholds hyperlink. However, if the administrator does not specify the threshold values, the graphs are generated with Device Defaults based on the table below:

Gateway Status

Gateway Name - Name of the gateway

Gateway IP address - IP address of the gateway

Gateway Status - Status of the gateway

Model Wise Information

This area provides the name of device model along with total number of devices of that model number.

Click the hyperlink to view following details of device model:
  • Device Name – Name of device
  • Device Key – Device key of the managed device
  • Company Name – Name of the company where the managed device is deployed
  • Model – Model number of the managed device
  • Status - Current state of the device

System Information

System Time - System (SFM) time in Day Date Mon YYYY HH:MM:SS format

Up Time - SFM device up time duration in day, hours and minutes format

SFM Version - SFM version number along with the link to check the availability of new version

Model - SFM Device model number

Device Key - SFM device key

Peer Device Key - If the device is deployed in HA (High Availability) node then it displays device key of auxiliary device.

Compatible SFOS Versions - List of SFOS device versions which are manageable through SFM

Live Connected Users - Number of connected users. Click to view details of connected users


Time - Time of sending alert in date and time format

Message - Alert message(s) generated by SFM system to notify the administrator regarding any alarming situation or availability of new SFM version.