Inactive User Maintenance

Inactive User Maintenance page is used to Manage Inactive Users. The following management options are available:

  • Inactive Users Report – To generate and download Inactive User Reports.
  • Delete Inactive Users – To delete Inactive Users.

To manage Inactive Users, go to System Management > Device Settings > Maintenance > Inactive User Maintenance.

Inactive Users Report

Generate Report
Specify the number of days after which the user is considered Inactive if not logged-on and the date from which the report is to be generated using calendar. Click Generate to generate the report.
Shows the last generated Inactive Users Report. Click Download to download the generated reports.
Figure: Inactive Users Report

Delete Inactive Users

Specify the number of days after which the users are to be deleted if not logged-on and the start date using calendar. Click Delete to delete the Inactive Users.

Figure: Delete Inactive Users