After migrating firewall device from CyberoamOS (CR-OS) to Sophos XG Firewall (SFOS), one has to upgrade license of the firewall device by navigating to Device Configuration > System > Admin > Licensing. Available options are:
  • 30 Day Full Guard Trial (Evaluating) - All module licenses will be applied to the firewall for 30 days. The existing Cyberoam licenses will remain intact. During this period, seamless rollback to CR-OS is possible by rebooting the firewall device with the Cyberoam firmware.
  • Migrate License - All the existing CR-OS licenses will be migrated to SFOS. This will result in a license of equivalent value to your current one.

License Migration

Migrate CR licenses to SFOS
Click to migrate your Cyberoam (CR) licenses that are currently on 30 Day Full Guard Trial (Evaluating) to SFOS licenses on selected firewall devices. This will migrate your CR licenses permanently to SFOS with no roll-back possible. This can also be done using Migrate License option from Sophos XG Firewall.
Note This page will be applicable to only those managed devices that are on 30 Day Full Guard Trial (Evaluating) mode.