Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite (STAS)

STAS Activation Settings
Enable Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite
Enable or disable Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite.
Activate STAS/Confirm Removal of STAS configuration
Use to apply/remove STAS Activation Configuration.

STAS Settings

Enable User Inactivity
Select to enable or disable user inactivity setting.
When users logs in the Device and performs no activity, remaining idle for specific time span, they are considered inactive. By default, User Inactivity is disabled.
Inactivity Timer (Only if Enable User Inactivity is enabled)
Specify the inactivity time in minutes.
The user inactivity time-out is the inactive/idle time in minutes after which the user will be logged out and has to re-authenticate.
Acceptable Range (Minutes) - 3 to 1440 Default - 3 minutes
Data Transfer Threshold (Only if Enable User Inactivity is enabled)
Specify the minimum data to be transferred. Default - 100 bytes
Click to apply configuration changes.
Collector collects the user authentication request from multiple agents, processes the request and sends to SFM for authentication.
Click to add collector IP address and Port for clientless single sign on configuration. Refer Add Collector for details.
VPN Zone Network
Click to add VPN Zone Network. Refer Add VPN Zone Network for details.