Edit Interface

This page allows you to change IP address and sub netmask of the Interface and gateway (if defined).

  1. Go to System Management > System Settings > Network > Interface and click on the manage icon under the Manage tab.
  2. Enter general settings details.
    Physical Interface
    Physical Interface for example, Port A, Port B and so on. It cannot be modified.
    Note For the following SFM models, port names will be displayed as alphanumeric characters (for example, Port 1, Port 2 and so on) instead of alphabetic characters:
    • SFM200
    • SFM300
    • SFM400
    Specify IP Address and Netmask for the IPv4 Interface.
    Specify IP Address and Prefix for the IPv6 Interface.
    Gateway Name
    Specify name of the gateway (It is available only when the gateway is defined on the interface)
    IP Address
    Specify IP Address of the gateway.
    IPv6 Address (Available if IPv6 Configuration is enabled)
    Specify IPv6 Address of the gateway.
  3. Enter advanced setting details.
    Interface Speed
    Select Interface speed for synchronization.
    Speed mismatch between Firewall Manager and 3rd party routers and switches can result into errors or collisions on interface, no connection, traffic latency or slow performance.
    Available Options:Auto Negotiate 10 Mbps - Full duplex 10 Mbps - Half duplex 100 Mbps - Full duplex 100 Mbps - Half duplex 1000 Mbps - Full duplex 1000 Mbps - Half duplex
    Default - Auto Negotiate
    Specify MTU value (Maximum Transmission Unit)
    MTU is the largest physical packet size, in bytes, that a network can transmit. This parameter becomes an issue when networks are interconnected and the networks have different MTU sizes. Any packets larger than the MTU value are divided (fragmented) into smaller packets before being sent.
    Default - 1500
    Input range - 576 to 1500
  4. Select Save.