Add User

  1. Go to System Management > System Settings > Administration > Users > and click Add to register a new user.
  2. Specify user deatils based on the description shown below.

    Specify username, which uniquely identifies user and will be used for sign-in.

    Authentication Type
    Select type of authentication for the user:
    • Local
    • External – LDAP, Radius, TACACS+

    Refer Authentication Server page for details.

    Select the status of the user.

    Available Options:

    • Active
    • Inactive
    Password/Confirm Password

    Specify Password for the user.

    Email ID

    Specify Email address of the user.

    Access Profile

    Select the Profile.

    Administrator will get access of various Web Admin console menus as per the configured profile.

    You can create a new profile directly from this page itself and attach to the user.

    Accessible Device

    Select the device to be assigned to the user.

    Device Group
    Select the Device Group for the user. The user will be able to manage all devices in the group, in addition to the individual devices selected earlier.
    Note Only Super Administrator of Firewall Manager will be able to assign or update device groups.
    Figure: Add User
  3. Click Save.