Add Dynamic Interface

This page allows you to configure interfaces.

  1. Go to System Management > Device Settings > Dynamic Objects > Interface and select Add.
  2. Enter Dynamic Interface details.
    Name to identify the Interface.
    IP Family
    Select IP Family of the Interface.
    Available Options:IPv4 IPv6
    Select Interface Type - Route and Bridge
    For Route interface type you need to select Zone type:
    Available Options:LAN – Depending on the device in use and network design, one can group one to six physical ports in this zone. Group multiple interfaces with different network subnets to manage them as a single entity. Group all the LAN networks under this zone.
    Note By default the traffic to and from this zone is blocked and hence the highest secured zone. However, traffic between ports belonging to the same zone will be allowed.
    WAN - This zone is used for Internet services. It can also be be referred as Internet zone.
    DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) - This zone is normally used for publicly accessible servers. Depending on the device in use and network design, one can group one to five physical ports in this zone.
    Note By default, entire traffic will be blocked except LAN to Local zone service likes Administration, Authentication, and Network.
    Figure: Add Interface details
  3. Enter Device-Interface Mapping.
    Select the device.
    Select the interface which is to be mapped.
    Figure: Device-Interface Mapping
  4. Select Save.