Device supports the following IPSec connections types:
  • Remote Access – This type of VPN is a user-to-internal network connection via a public or shared network. Many large companies have employees that need to connect to the internal network from the field. These field agents access the internal network by using remote computers and laptops without static IP Address.
  • Site to Site – A Site to Site VPN connects an entire network (such as a LAN or WAN) to a remote network via a network-to-network connection. A network-to-network connection requires routers on each side of the connecting networks to transparently process and route information from one node on a LAN to another node on a remote LAN.
  • Host to Host – Host to Host VPN connects one desktop or workstation to another by way of a host-to-host connection. This type of connection uses the network to which each host is connected to create a secure tunnel with each other.