OpenPGP Public Keys

On the Encryption > OpenPGP Public Keys tab you can install OpenPGP public keys. Files must be provided in .asc format. The upload of entire keyrings is supported.

Note – Do not upload a keyring that is protected by a passphrase.

All public keys included in the keyring will be imported and can be used to encrypt messages. Emails for recipients whose public keys are listed here will automatically be encrypted. If you want to disable encryption for a particular recipient, simply delete its public key from the list.

Note – Only one email address per key is supported. If there are multiple addresses attached to a key, only the "first" one will be used (the order may depend on how OpenPGP sorts addresses). If the key you want to import has several addresses attached, you must remove the unneeded addresses with OpenPGP or other tools prior to importing the key into Sophos UTM on AWS.

To import an OpenPGP public key, proceed as follows:

  1. On the OpenPGP Public Keys tab, click New Public OpenPGP Key(s).

    The Add Keyring File dialog box opens.

  2. Upload the OpenPGP key(s).

    Click the Folder icon to open the Upload File dialog window. Select the file and click Start Upload.

    The key or, if the file contains several keys, a list of keys is displayed.

  3. Select one or more keys and click Import Selected Keys.

    The key(s) appear(s) on the OpenPGP Public Keys list.

Note – An email address must be attached to the key. Otherwise the installation will fail.