On the IPv6 > Renumbering tab you can allow automatic renumbering of IPv6 addresses managed by Sophos UTM on AWS in case of a prefix change. Additionally, you can renumber IPv6 addresses manually.

The following IPv6 addresses will be modified:

  • Hosts, networks, and range definitions
  • Primary and secondary interface addresses
  • DHCPv6 server ranges and mappings
  • DNS mappings

An IPv6 prefix provided via tunnel brokerage will not be renumbered.

Automatic IPv6 Renumbering

By default, IPv6 addresses managed by your Sophos UTM on AWS are automatically renumbered in the event that the IPv6 prefix changes. Prefix changes are initiated by your ISP via DHCPv6 prefix delegation. To deactivate renumbering, unselect the checkbox and click Apply.

Manual IPv6 Renumbering

You can renumber particular IPv6 addresses managed by Sophos UTM on AWS manually. This can be useful if you change your ISP, and your new provider assigns a new IPv6 prefix statically to you instead of automatically via DHCPv6.

  1. Specify the current prefix of the IPv6 addresses to be renumbered.

    Enter the prefix into the Old prefix field.

  2. Specify the new prefix.

    Enter the prefix into the New prefix field.

  3. Click Apply.

    All IPv6 addresses with the defined current prefix will be renumbered using the new prefix.