On the Management > Licensing > Installation tab you can upload and install a new license.

Note – When using MSP licensing, the tab is disabled, as licenses are managed by Sophos UTM Manager (SUM). New licenses can be installed by your SUM service provider. For information about the managing SUM, see Central Management > Sophos UTM Manager.

To install a license, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Upload File dialog window.

    Click the Folder icon next to the License file box.

    The Upload File dialog window opens.

  2. Select the license file.

    Browse to the directory where your license file resides.

    Select the license file you want to upload.

  3. Click Start Upload.

    Your license file will be uploaded.

  4. Click Apply.

    Your license will be installed. Note that the new license will automatically replace any other license already installed.

    The installation of the license will take approximately 60 seconds.