Country Blocking

On the Network Protection > Firewall > Country Blocking tab you can enable blocking of traffic coming from or going to a certain country or location. You can either block single countries/locations or whole continents. The blocking is based on the GeoIP information of the host's IP address.

To enable country blocking, proceed as follows:

  1. Enable country blocking.

    Click the toggle switch.

    The toggle switch turns amber and the Countries section becomes editable.

  2. Select the locations to block.

    Via the drop-down lists in front of the location names, specify the blocking status for the respective location:

    • All: All traffic coming from or going to this location is blocked.
    • From: Traffic coming from this location is blocked.
    • To: Traffic going to this location is blocked.
    • Off: Traffic from as well as to this location is allowed.

    Tip – You can easily select an identical blocking status for all locations of a region. To do so, select the desired blocking status in the drop-down list in front of the respective region name.

  3. Click Apply.

    Your settings will be saved.

    The toggle switch turns green and traffic from and/or to selected locations will be blocked now according to your settings. Note that you can define exceptions for the blocked locations on the Country Blocking Exceptions tab.

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