Global Settings

On the Global Settings tab you can enable or disable the support for RED which means that your Sophos UTM on AWS acts as a RED hub. You need to enable the RED support before any RED appliances can connect to Sophos UTM on AWS.

RED Configuration

To enable RED support, do the following:

  1. On the Global Settings tab, enable RED.

    Click the toggle switch.

    The toggle switch turns amber and the RED Configuration area becomes editable.

  2. Enter your organization details.

    By default the settings from the Management > System Settings > Organizational tab is used.

  3. Click Activate RED.

    The toggle switch turns green and RED support is activated. Your Sophos UTM on AWS is now registered at the RED Provisioning Service (RPS) of Sophos to act as a RED hub.

    You can now continue by adding one or more RED appliances on the Client Management page, or use the wizard on the Deployment Helper page.

To cancel the configuration, click the amber colored toggle switch.

Automatic Device Deauthorization

When RED support is enabled, you can specify if disconnected RED appliances should automatically be deauthorized after a certain time span. With this feature, you can prevent stolen RED appliances from connecting to Sophos UTM on AWS.

Note –The Automatic Device Deauthorization does not work for RED Tunnel between 2 Sophos UTM on AWS units.

  1. Enable automatic deauthorization.

    Select the Enable automatic device deauthorization checkbox.

  2. Specify a time span after which the RED appliance should be deauthorized.

    Enter the desired value into the Deauthorize after text box. The minimum time span is 5 minutes.

  3. Click Apply.

    The automatic device deauthorization is now activated.

When a RED appliance reconnects after being disconnected for a time span longer than the defined time span, it will automatically be disabled. This is indicated by the toggle switches on the Client Management page. A respective warning will be displayed on the Overview page as well. To permit a deauthorized RED appliance to connect again, enable that RED appliance on the Client Management page.

Disable RED

Disabling RED will not cause the deletion of the REDs. If you disable the RED functionality the RED devices will be deactivated and lose their connection. If you re-enable the RED functionality of Sophos UTM on AWS the REDs will be activated again.

To disable RED click the toggle switch on the Global Settings page and confirm by clicking the Confirm removal of RED configuration button.