User Portal

This chapter provides information on how the User Portal works and which services it provides for end users.

The User Portal of Sophos UTM on AWS is a browser-based application providing among others personalized email and remote access services to authorized users. It can be accessed by browsing to the URL of Sophos UTM on AWS, for example, (note the HTTPS protocol).

On the login page, users can select a language from the drop-down list located on the right side of the header bar.

Depending which services and features have been activated in WebAdmin by an administrator, users can have access to the following services:

If the one-time password feature is enabled, a login page with one or more QR codes is displayed after the login attempt under some conditions. The login page is displayed only when the Auto-create OTP tokens for users feature is enabled, and users logged in with their user-specific password only (not appending a one-time password), and an unused OTP token is available for the users. The page shows instructions on how to configure a mobile device to generate one-time passwords. After configuring the mobile device, the users can log in again, now using Sophos UTM on AWS password, directly followed by the one-time password. Example: If your Sophos UTM on AWS password is 1z58.xa and the one-time password is 123456, just enter the password 1z58.xa123456 to log in.