On the Web Protection > Filtering Options > Websites tab you can maintain lists of sites for which you want to override the default category, reputation, or associate a tag with the site.

Each website can only match one entry from the website list. When adding CIDR ranges to the website list, only the closest match to the IP address in the URL will apply.

Here is an example:

Entry 1: Range is

Entry 2: Range

A request for would only match the entry and apply settings based on that entry. So, if you want to apply a tag for the whole range, you must add the tag to both the and entries.

To add an entry to the Local Site List:

  1. Click the Add Site button.
  2. Enter the sites you wish to override or tag.

    The text box in the Add Local Site(s) dialog will accept URLs, domains, IP addresses, or CIDR ranges.

    Note – An IP address or CIDR range in the website list is only effective if the request is specifically for the IP address in the URL.

  3. Optionally, select the Include subdomains checkbox.

    Selecting this checkbox will apply the overrides to all subdomains. For instance, if you add and select the Include subdomains checkbox, will be included in the override.

  4. Select a Category or Reputation to override.

    You can override either Category, Reputation, or both. Sites defined in the Local Site List are processed by filter actions using these overridden values.

  5. Select a Tag to associate with the sites.

    You can click on the Plus icon to create a new tag or click on the Folder icon to choose from existing tags. Sites tagged here can be controlled by creating a Filter Action that references the tag.

  6. Optionally, add a comment.

For large lists of sites you can page through entries by using the Next and Previous icons at the top of the tab, or search for items using the search text box. To delete entries click the Delete icon next to the entry, or select multiple items and click the Delete icon at the top of the list.

Sites which have an associated tag can be controlled for blocked or allowed websites on the Web Protection > Web Filter Profiles > Filter Action > Websites tab, section Control sites tagged in the Website List.

Cross Reference – Find information about HTTP proxy site reclassification on Sophos UTM on AWS in the Sophos Knowledge Base.