Create an Internal Load Balancer

To create an internal ELB, proceed as follows:

  1. In the AWS EC2 area beneath Load Balancers click Create Load Balancer.

    The Define Load Balancer page opens.

  2. Make the following settings:

    • Load Balancer Name: Enter a descriptive name.

    • Create LB inside: Choose the VPC to install into.

  3. Create an internal load balancer: Select this to ensure it is specified that you create an internal ELB.

  4. Enable advanced VPC configuration: Select this option if you want to select subnets.

  5. Click Next: Assign Security Groups.

    The Assign Security Groups page opens.

  6. Select the default VPC security Group.

  7. Click Next: Configure Security Settings.

    Note – At this point you’ll be notified that your load balancer is not using a secure listener.

  8. Click Next: Configure Health Check.

    For the example modify the default health check so that Ping protocol uses TCP.

  9. Click Next: Add EC2 Instances.

  10. Add the appropriate EC2 instances that will use the internal load balancer.

  11. Click Next: Add Tags.

  12. Add a tag and click Review and Create to continue.

  13. Review your settings and click Create.

The load balancer is created and appears in the load balancer list.