Defining a User Account

First, you need to create a user account which is necessary for accessing the User Portal and for actually using the VPN connection.

  1. Open the Definitions & Users > Users & Groups > Users tab.

  2. Click the New User button.

    The Create New User dialog box opens.

  1. Make the following settings:

    Username: Enter a specific username (e.g., gforeman). In doing so remember that the remote user will need this username later to log in to the User Portal.

    Real name: Enter the full name of the remote user (e.g., George Foreman).

Email address: Enter the e-mail address of the user.

Authentication: For the remote access via PPTP the Local and RADIUS authentication methods are supported. With the Local authentication method the following two fields will be displayed for the definition of the password.

Use static remote access IP (optional): Each remote access user can be assigned to a specific IP address. The assigned IP address must not originate from the IP address pool used in the remote access settings (see below). During the dial-up the address is automatically assigned to the host. Enter the static IP address in the RAS address box.

Comment (optional): Enter a description or additional information on the user.

  1. Click Save.

    Your settings will be saved.

Cross Reference – More detailed information on the configuration of a user account and detailed explanations of the individual settings can be found in the UTM administration guide in chapter Definitions & Users.

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