On the Endpoint Protection > Computer Management > Advanced tab, the following options can be configured:

Tamper Protection: With tamper protection enabled, protection settings can only be changed on endpoints using this password.

Default Computers Group: Select the computer group a computer will be assigned to automatically, shortly after installation of endpoint protection.

Sophos LiveConnect – Registration: This section contains registration information about your endpoint protection. Amongst others, the information is used to identify installation packages, and it can be used for support purposes.

If you use Sophos Enterprise Console to manage endpoints, you can use this Sophos UTM to provide their Web Control policy. Under SEC Information, copy the Hostname and the Shared-Key into the Web Control policy editor in Sophos Enterprise Console.

Parent Proxy: Use a parent proxy if your Sophos UTM does not have direct internet access.

Cross Reference – Find information about providing SECs Web Control Policy through the Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection service in the Sophos Knowledge Base.

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