Install and configure Sophos Connect

Prerequisites: You've downloaded the Sophos Connect client, the configuration file, and, depending on the connection set up for you, the certificate from the User Portal. Or you've received these files from your administrator.

  1. Open the Sophos Connect installer.

  2. Accept the Sophos End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Sophos Privacy Policy.

  3. Click Install.

    • In Windows, accept the security notice.

    Wait until the installation finishes.

  4. Select Launch Sophos Connect when installer closes and click Finish.

    Note: Sophos Connect runs in the system tray.

  5. Open Sophos Connect from the system tray and click Import Connection.

  6. Select the .tgb file you've downloaded.

    If a user certificate was created for you, you'll see a prompt for the certificate's password.

    1. (Optional) Enter the export password for the PKCS#12 certificate.

    2. Click Import PKCS#12 file, browse to the location where you've stored the certificate and select it.

    Sophos Connect imports the configuration.

  7. Click Connect to establish the connection.

  8. Enter your credentials and click Sign in.

    The connection is being established.