Add a user account

Add a user account that should be able to access the User Portal and use the VPN connection.

If you want to use an existing account, adopt the required settings from the user configured in the next steps.

  1. Go to Definitions & Users > Users & Groups > Users.

  2. Click New User.

    The Add User dialog shows.

  3. Specify the following settings:

    Username: Enter a username. Example: gforeman. The remote user needs this username later to log in to the User Portal.

    Real name: Enter the full name of the remote user. Example: George Foreman.

    Email address: Enter the email address of the user. This creates an X.509 certificate for this user, using the email address as the certificate's VPN ID. You can view the certificate under Remote Access > Certificate Management > Certificates.

    Authentication: For the remote access through L2TP over IPsec, Sophos UTM supports the authentication methods Local and RADIUS. To use RADIUS, select Remote. For Local authentication, enter a password for the remote user.

    Use static remote access IP (optional): You can assign the remote access user a static IP address. This IP address must not originate from the IP address pool used in the remote access settings. When Sophos UTM establishes the connection, it assigns this IP address to the endpoint device.

    Comment (optional): You can enter a description or additional information on the user.

  4. Click Save.

Cross Reference: Find more information about user accounts in the Sophos UTM administration guide under Definitions & Users.