Configure advanced PPTP settings

  1. Go to Remote Access > PPTP > Advanced.

  2. Set the encryption strength.

    The available options are Weak (40 bit) and Strong (128 bit).

    Security note: You should always set encryption to Strong (128-bit), except when your network includes endpoints that can’t support this. Both sides of the connection must use the same encryption strength.

  3. Click Apply to save your settings.

  4. Optionally, enable debug mode.

    If you select Enable debug mode, the PPTP daemon log file contains extended information about PPTP connection negotiation.

  5. Click Apply to save your settings.

  1. Open the Remote Access > Advanced page.

    You can define name servers (DNS and WINS) and the name service domain that is assigned to hosts during the connection establishment.

  1. Click Apply to save your settings.