Install the SSL VPN client in Windows

The steps below guide you through the installation process in Windows 10. The process is similar for other Windows versions.

  1. Open a file browser and go to the location of the installation file.

    In this example,

    Double-click the file to start the installation assistant.

    The installation assistant opens.

  2. Click Next to proceed.

  3. Accept the software license agreement.

  4. Choose the installation location.

    Click Browse, select the appropriate directory, and click OK.

  5. Click Install to proceed.

    The installation process starts. A virtual network card is installed during the installation process. Since the driver is not certified by Microsoft, a corresponding caution message may appear during the installation process.

  6. Click Install to confirm the installation.

    The installation wizard copies the necessary files onto your system.

  7. Click Next to confirm the completion message.

  8. Click Finish to finish the installation.

    After the installation is finished, the client application starts automatically. It runs in your system tray, using this icon .