On the Configuration tab you can specify the Sandstorm data center location and exclude files from Sandstorm analysis.

Sandstorm Data Center Location

Files to be analyzed by Sandstorm are transmitted using a SSL connection to a data center. By default, Sandstorm selects the closest data center according to the location of the device to give you the highest performance.

Note – Changing data centers may affect any analysis that is currently in progress.

Sandstorm File Type Exclusions

A file type is a classification that is determined by file extension and MIME header. Add a file type that you do not want to send to Sandstorm for analysis. Exclusions apply to web and email traffic.

Note – Any archive that includes a file of the selected type will also be excluded, regardless of what other types of files are in that archive.

Note – Many file types that are considered safe will never be sent to Sandstorm, e.g. images. Only risky file types that Sandstorm can detonate and analyze will be sent, e.g. executable files.

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