Time Period Definitions

On the Definitions & Users > Time Period Definitions page you can define single or recurring time slots that can in turn be used to limit for example firewall rules or content filter profile assignments to specific time ranges.

Tip – When you click on the Info icon of a time period definition in the Time Period Definitions list, you can see all configuration options in which the time period definition is used.

To create a time period definition, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Time Period Definitions tab, click New Time Period Definition.

    The Add Time Period Definition dialog box opens.

  2. Make the following settings:

    Name: Enter a descriptive name for this time period definition.

    Type: Select the time period definition type. The following types are available:

    • Recurring event: These events will be repeated periodically. You can select the start time, the end time, and the weekdays on which the time period definition should be applied. If the time span extends into the next day, the selected weekdays refer to the start time. Start and stop dates cannot be selected for this type.
    • Single event: These events will only take place once. You can both select a start date/time and an end date/time. As these definitions do not recur, the option Weekdays cannot be selected for this type.

    Comment (optional): Add a description or other information.

  3. Click Save.

    The new time period definition appears on the Time Period Definitions list.

To either edit or delete a time period definition, click the corresponding buttons.

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