The Web Protection > FTP > Antivirus tab contains all measures that can be taken against FTPClosed traffic that carries harmful and dangerous content such as viruses, worms, or other malware.

Use antivirus scanning: When selecting this option, FTP traffic will be scanned. Sophos UTM features several antivirus engines for best security.

Max scanning size: Specify the maximum size of files to be scanned by the antivirus engine(s). Files exceeding this size will be exempt from scanning.

Click Apply to save your settings.

Note – Files within archives (e.g. zip files) will not be scanned for blocked file types or blocked extensions. To protect your network from these within archived files, consider blocking archive file types such as zip, rar, etc. MIME types within archives will be blocked if MIME Blocking Inspects HTTP Body is enabled in Web Protection > Filtering Options > Misc.

File Extension Filter

This feature filters FTP transfers that transmit certain types of files based on their extensions (e.g., executable binaries) from web traffic that have a file extension listed in the Blocked File Extensions box. You can add additional file extensions or delete file extensions that are not to be blocked. To add a file extension, click the Plus icon in the Blocked File Extensions box and enter the file extension you want to block, for example exe (without the delimiting dot). Click Apply to save your settings.