Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite

Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite (STAS) enables transparent authentication whereby Microsoft Windows credentials can be used to authenticate. Users have to log in only once to access the network resources. A client installation on users' machine is not required.

The Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite program can be fetched from the UTM Support Downloads page in section Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite (STAS). There, you can also download the Sophos Transparent Authentication installation guide.

To configure Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite, do the following:

  1. On the Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite tab, enable transparent Client Authentication.

    Click the toggle switch.

    Note – STAS requires automatic user creation and an Active Directory server to be configured as backend server. You can enable automatic user creation under Definitions & Users > Authentication Services > Global Settings and add an Active Directory server under Definitions & Users > Authentication Services > Servers > Active Directory.

  2. Click New STAS Collector.

    The Add STAS Collectors dialog box opens.

  3. Make the following settings:

    Name: Enter a descriptive name for the STAS collector.

    Host: Select a host from the list or add a new one. For each new host you must specify an IP address.

    Port: Select a special port or choose the default port (STAS Collector).

    Comment: Enter a comment if desired.

  4. Click Save.

    Your settings will be saved.

    Login to Windows workstations and logout will be reflected as Online User display in the Global tab.

    Disabling or removing the Active Directory will lead to a warning message and disable the STAS feature.