Quarantine Report

Sophos UTM features an email quarantine containing all messages (SMTPClosed and POP3Closed) that have been blocked and redirected to the quarantine for various reasons. This includes messages waiting for delivery as well as messages that are infected by malicious software, contain suspicious attachments, are identified as spam, or simply contain unwanted expressions.

To minimize the risk of messages being withheld that were quarantined mistakenly (so-called false positives), Sophos UTM sends a daily Quarantine Report to the users informing them of messages in their quarantine. If users have several email addresses configured, they will get an Quarantine Report to the primary email address. This also applies if a user has additional POP3 accounts configured in his User Portal, provided the POP3 proxy of Sophos UTM is in prefetch mode, which allows the prefetching of messages from a POP3 server and storing them in a local database. In a Quarantine Report users can click on any spam entry to release the message from the quarantine or to whitelist the sender for the future.

The following list contains some more information about the Quarantine Report:

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