Search Log Files

The tab Logging & Reporting > View Log Files > Search Log Files enables you to search through your local log files for various time periods. First, select the log file you want to search through, then enter the search term and select the time range. If you select Custom Time Frame from the Select Time Frame list, you can specify a start and end date. After clicking the Start Search button, a popup window will open presenting the results of your query. Depending on your browser it may be necessary to allow pop-up windows for WebAdmin.

If you select Web Filtering or Endpoint Web Protection from the Select log file to search list, you get more filter categories. You can search for specific User, URL , Source IP and Action

Note – Searching for '407' will not give any output. You can search logs on the back-end in this case.

Note – If you select a checkbox under the Search term, you can optionally display the results in report format, limit results to only page requests, and do the same search on Web Filtering and Endpoint Protection at the same time.

Cross Reference – Find information about enhanced webfilter search in the Sophos Knowledge Base.