Configuration Settings

The Management > Sophos Mobile Control > Configuration Settings tab allows you to push VPN and wireless network configurations from the to the SMC server. These configurations define in which way the mobile devices and users connect to Sophos UTM. Configurations are sent from the SMC to the connected mobile devices. VPN and wireless network configuration do not have to be set manually.

Configuration Settings for Sophos Mobile Control

Define which VPN and wireless network configuration you want to push to the SMC server.

Wireless Networks: Select the wireless network(s) you want to push to the SMC server.

EAP methods: Select the EAP method (Extensible Authentication Protocol) you want to use for wireless network enterprise authentication.

Push Configuration

To transfer the current configuration to the SMC server, click the Push Configuration Now button.

Note – Use this function in exceptional cases only, for example when the servers were offline during transmission. Normally, this button does not need to be used to push the configuration.