XG Migration

The Management > Up2Date > XG Migration tab allows the migration from Sophos UTM to Sophos XG Firewall.

Your Sophos partner can enable the migration for you so that the XG Migration tab will be visible in Sophos UTM. Your Sophos UTM needs to be version 9.4 or newer to migrate to Sophos XG Firewall.

Note – If you do not have access to the XG Migration tab or your particular Sophos UTM appliance model is not supported, please contact your Sophos partner.

Planning your Sophos XG Firewall Migration

Before you migrate your Sophos UTM to Sophos XG Firewall you need to complete three steps.

Throughout the following process you will learn what gets migrated and what cannot be migrated. You will have the possibility to download files you want to keep as a backup for restoring your old system. You will need a Sophos-ID or Partner Portal credentials to start the migration. Before the migration starts, an anonymized version of your configuration will be uploaded to the Cloud, converted into a Sophos XG Firewall configuration and then be downloaded again. You can cancel the migration at any step of the wizard, the final migration will only take place in the last step.